Our next London Central event

Thursday 14th June

Grand Connaught Rooms - West End 12.00 - 14.00- London


Time - 10.00 am Registration and Refreshments for a 10.30 am Start

Presenter - Ian Smith - CEO - Winning Tenders Ltd

Topic - Growing Your Business With Effective Proposals And Tenders

This month's seminar is being presented by Ian Smith, CEO of Winning Tenders Ltd. Ian says,"Pitching for bigger value contracts in the public or private sector means getting involved with formal tendering. Significant challenges and opportunities lie ahead when your business goes down this route. There are significant risks too. In the world of competitive tenders, competition is often fierce and the rules are strict. Knowing how to be persuasive and state your USPs clearly, while staying within the rules is an art you need to master."

Ian goes on to say,"Every contract you tender for entails effort - and plenty of it! If you can't secure an acceptable win rate the profit you earn won't be worth the work you have to put in. In the process of helping dozens of businesses improve their tender success rates over many years we've learned a lot about what it takes to be successful. We're sharing some of that knowledge through a series of brief video tutorials on our website and this seminar. Amongst other things, this will help you decide whether or not to bid, how to make the process less painful, and how to make your proposal stand out from the competition.

By attending this seminar you will get some insights into how you could expand your business through the tender process and formal proposals. A sound bid process is a vital component of your sales effort.

Ian is a highly experienced and successful senior executive with excellent writing skills and 30 years' experience operating across all aspects of public transport, outsourced managed services, proposal writing, bid management and tender evaluation. Effective bid writing has been fundamental to his achievements.

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Thursday 14th June

Grand Connaught Rooms - West End 12.00 - 14.00

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